Promote the welfare of the social misfits, the vulnerable and the marginalized in the society.


  • Improve the lifestyle of the school drop outs, street children, orphans, etc for effective ventures.
  • Improve the living standards of the social misfits and the marginalized by supporting them acquiring better skills.
  • Help create awareness and sensitize the youth about HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy, infant and maternal mortality, gender empowerment, diseases caused by poor sanitation, hard drugs, road accidents and reproductive sexual health.
  • Support motor accident victims and victims of disasters/tragedies.
  • To help create awareness and provide a forum for deliberation on the plight of the poor.


“Think of what you can give to others and not what others can give you”


Queen of hearts foundation is affiliated to the queen of hearts international group in the united states, the mid network Ghana and the HIV/AIDS team all non-governmental organization.